With Bradley Thayer, Bill Walton and Daniel Greenfield

By Tim

BRADLEY THAYER, Director of China Policy, Center for Security Policy, Author, How China Sees the World 

  • News of more “objects” being shot down over the United States
  • Why did China send a balloon initially?
  • The importance of the U.S. submarine fleet for defending the Indo-Pacific

BILL WALTON, Host, The Bill Walton Show

  • Wall Street’s emphasis on ESG investing
  • Why does the U.S. continue to invest in China?
  • How the U.S. bureaucracy inhibits its ability to stop investing in China

DANIEL GREENFIELD, Shillman Journalism Fellow, David Horowitz Freedom Center

  • Is an “invasion” taking place at the U.S. southern border?
  • Demographics of the individuals crossing the border
  • Cultural Marxism’s intertwining with corporate America