With Bradley Thayer, Dr. Harold Rhode and George Rasley

By Tim

BRADLEY THAYER, Director of China Policy, Center for Security Policy, Author, How China Sees the World 

  • Xi’s continued escalatory remarks towards Taiwan
  • Is Xi’s health in decline?
  • Are the “stars aligning” for a military attack against Taiwan?

DR. HAROLD RHODE, Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute, Former Turkish Desk Officer at the US Department of Defense, Author of Modern Islamic Warfare: An Ancient Doctrine Marches On (2017):

  • Ongoing protests in Iran
  • What can the United States do to help the people of Iran?
  • What is the overall goal of these protests?

GEORGE RASLEY, Editor, Conservative HQ, former White House Staff Member, Vice President Dan Quayle, former Assistant Director, National Park Service, former Director of Policy and Communication, Congressman Adam Putnam (FL-12)

  • How does the CCP view the United States?
  • Is the Biden administration compromised by China?
  • Biden’s “war” on fossil fuels