With Brigitte Gabriel, Mark Tapson and Dr. Bradley Thayer

By Tim

BRIGITTE GABRIEL, Founder & Chairman, ACT For America

  • C.Q. Brown’s history of military leadership
  • Is Brown’s nomination having an impact on military retention members?
  • How many terrorists have crossed the United States’ southern border?

MARK TAPSON, Shillman Fellow on Popular Culture, David Horowitz Freedom Center

  • Is the Left distancing themselves from the term “woke”?
  • What is the “formal” definition of woke?
  • The false notion that America is an inherently racist nation

DR. BRADLEY THAYER, Director of CSP’s China Policy program

  • The Biden administration’s refusal to recognize the “reality of power politics” with respect to China
  • Is the Chinese Communist Party facing a “legitimacy crisis”?
  • Rumors surrounding the health of Xi Jinping