With Caroline Glick, Mac Warner and Bill Walton

By Tim

CAROLINE GLICK, Columnist, Israel Hayom, Author, “The Israeli Solution: A One State Plan for Peace in the Middle East,” Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy, Host, The Caroline Glick Show, @CarolineGlick

  • How U.S. policy towards Israel is actually helping Hamas
  • What is Hamas’ “concept of victory” in this war?
  • The building of a new U.S. port in Gaza

MAC WARNER, West Virginia Secretary of State

  • Is the U.S. going to “cede” sovereignty to the World Health Organization?
  • What is the ultimate “reason” for government?
  • Potential issues with giving the federal government control over healthcare

BILL WALTON, Host, The Bill Walton Show

  • What is the track record of the WHO?
  • What does China think of TikTok?
  • Is the U.S. doing anything to limit the use of TikTok?