With David Kabul, Peter Huessy and David Pyne

By Tim

DAVID KABUL, President and CEO, Intercessors for America

  • China’s non-military war declared on the United States
  • Advanced data-collection systems in China
  • What does Intercessors for America do?

PETER HUESSY, Senior fellow at Hudson Institute

  • How many small-scale nuclear weapons does Russia have?
  • Vladimir Putin’s first-hand role in supervising Russia’s nuclear arsenal
  • Can nuclear weapons be used in a diplomatic way?

DAVID PYNE, Deputy Director, National Operations & Congressional Liaison for EMP Task Force on National & Homeland Security, Editor, “The Real War“, Task Force on National and Homeland Security website

  • The United States’ under-estimation of the Chinese nuclear arsenal
  • Comparing the U.S. and Chinese tactical nuclear warheads