With Dr. Harold Rhode, Jared Knott and Peter McIlvenna

By Tim

DR. HAROLD RHODE, Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute, Former Turkish Desk Officer at the US Department of Defense, Author of Modern Islamic Warfare: An Ancient Doctrine Marches On (2017)

  • Is the issue of Judicial Reform impacting Israeli citizens?
  • Iran’s use of proxies around the world

JARED KNOTT, Author, Tiny Blunders/Big Disasters: Thirty-Nine Tiny Mistakes That Changed the World Forever

  • China’s desire to become the top super power in the world
  • How is China attacking the United States today?
  • China’s role in the fentanyl crisis

PETER MCILVENNA, National Organizer, Hearts of Oak

  • Issues with “grooming gangs” in the U.K.
  • McIlvenna’s work to get justice for victims of these crimes
  • A background of the new First Minister of Scotland