With Dr. Robert Malone, Naomi Wolf and Chris Iacovella

By Tim

DR. ROBERT MALONE, American physician and biochemist, Author, Lies My Government Told Me

  • Data that is now confirmed on the origin of COVID-19
  • Who was involved in the development of the coronavirus?
  • What is the World Health Organization’s relationship with the UN?
  • Are digital medical “passports” coming to the United States in the future?

NAOMI WOLF, CEO of DailyClout, Author, The Bodies of Others

  • What problems are prevalent in U.S. elections?
  • How vulnerable are U.S. election machines?
  • An ongoing campaign to secure the U.S. election process

CHRIS IACOVELLA, CEO, The American Securities Association

  • The importance of Congress to “expose” links between U.S. investors and the Chinese Communist Party
  • Are American investors wittingly putting their money into China?
  • What is being done to raise awareness of companies with links to the CCP?