With George Rasley, Scott Powell and Becky Gerritson

By Tim

GEORGE RASLEY, Editor, Conservative HQ, former White House Staff Member, Vice President Dan Quayle, former Assistant Director, National Park Service, former Director of Policy and Communication, Congressman Adam Putnam (FL-12)

  • Recent comments by President Biden about his political opponents
  • The importance of the upcoming 2022 midterm elections
  • Election reforms instituted in Florida and Georgia

SCOTT POWELL, Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, Former fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution

  • What do “mainstream” MAGA Republicans believe in?
  • What is the Left’s agenda with respect to the United States and the so-called “Great Reset”

BECKY GERRITSON, Executive Director, Alabama Eagle Forum

  • Gerritson’s work in preventing puberty blockers being given to young children
  • Information the DOJ is demanding from Eagle Forum Alabama