With Lieutenant Colonel Tommy Waller, Robert Charles & Robert Spencer


Lieutenant Colonel Tommy Waller, President and CEO of the Center for Security Policy

The impending threat of a geomagnetic disturbance has the potential to do serious harm to our electric grid.

Explored the cost-effective steps that could be taken to diminish significantly the threat of geomagnetic disturbance and why they need to be taken.

Robert Charles, Former Assistant Secretary of State at the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs in the Bush Administration, Author of Eagles and Evergreens

An at-length conversation about the mutation of language describing, if not invaders, certainly illegal aliens coming into our country, from just migrants into now new Americans. In some 18 states, there are offices to supply their every need, including, in many of those cases, the opportunity to cast votes in our future elections.

Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch

The Biden administration’s determination to align itself with the terrorist organization known as Hamas

Is the Biden administration working both with the jihadis and against Israel to achieve the strategic defeat by Hamas of the Jewish state? 

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