Secure Freedom Minute: Stop Biden’s Sovereignty Surrender Now!


Joe Biden’s sneaky bid to surrender U.S. sovereignty, states’ rights and Americans’ medical freedoms to the World Health Organization’s Director General is providentially running into increasing problems. 
Two weeks ago, every Republican senator formally rejected the idea of taking such a step. Then, twenty-two states’ attorneys general did the same. The chairman of the GOP in Georgia has encouraged his counterparts across the country to raise the alarm, as well. 
Now, there are reports that whole countries – starting with Great Britain and Slovakia – have indicated they will not approve the two WHO treaties still being negotiated with less than 12 days to go until they are scheduled to be rubber-stamped by the World Health Assembly.
The U.S. and foreign Marxists driving this “global governance” gambit must be stopped. Tell your representatives to say “Not Now” to their power grab at
This is Frank Gaffney._______
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