With Rick Fisher, Nicholas Eftimiades and Christine Douglass-Williams

By Tim

RICK FISHER, Senior Fellow of Asian Military Affairs, International Assessment and Strategy Center, Author, “China’s Military Modernization: Building for Regional and Global Reach,” former Asian Studies Director, The Heritage Foundation, former China Brief Editor, The Jamestown Foundation

  • Are recent military drills by the Chinese more intense than previous drills?
  • When would Xi Jinping want to invade Taiwan?
  • Why does China want to gain control of Taiwan so badly?

NICHOLAS EFTIMIADES, Senior Fellow, McCrary Institute for Cyber and Critical Infrastructure Security

  • A large “gap of knowledge” within the U.S. intelligence community when it comes to Chinese intel
  • Eftimiades’ large database on Chinese espionage
  • What did the Chinese collect from the U.S. with their spy balloon?

CHRISTINE DOUGLASS-WILLIAMS, Nine-time international award-winning journalist and television producer, Former federally appointed Director, Canadian Race Relations Foundation, Former Appointee, Office of Religious Freedom in Foreign Affairs, Author, “The Challenge of Modernizing Islam”

  • How is the Chinese Communist Party infiltrating Canada?
  • Justin Trudeau’s connections with China
  • How China is “weaving” their way into all aspects of Canadian life