With Robert Charles, Bill Walton and Robert Spencer

By Tim

ROBERT CHARLES, Spokesman, Association of Mature American Citizens, Former Assistant Secretary, State at the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs in the Bush Administration, Author, “Eagles and Evergreens,” @RCharles4USA

  • Who is taking advantage of the United States’ open border?
  • Immediate effects of the more than 8 million illegal immigrants that have entered the U.S.
  • The impact of the Motor Voter Act on U.S. elections

BILL WALTON, Host, The Bill Walton Show

  • The WHO’s role in the COVID-19 pandemic
  • What is the Pandemic Agreement?
  • The need to restore a “doctor-patient relationship” in healthcare

ROBERT SPENCER, Director, Jihad Watch, Weekly columnist, PJ Media and FrontPage Magazine, Author, “Mass Migration in Europe: A Model for the U.S.?,” and “Islamophobia and the Threat to Free Speech,” @jihadwatchRS

  • Examples of the “leftist-Islamist alliance”
  • Nihad Awad’s demand of a ceasefire to the Biden administration
  • What is Emgage Michigan?