With Sam Faddis, Robert Charles & Kevin Freeman


Sam Faddis, Former CIA Ops Officer

I spoke with Sam Faddis about the revelation to many Americans that the President of the United States is unfit to serve in that role. 

We also discussed what comes next, both in terms of the political landscape of the United States government and the threats we face from enemies, foreign and domestic.

Robert Charles, Author of “Eagles and Evergreens”

Robert Charles and I discussed Biden’s cognitive decline and other leadership capabilities imperiling our country. We also discussed the importance of addressing that shortcoming in the immediate future.

Kevin Freeman, Host of Economic War Room

I discussed with Kevin Freeman the threats facing the dollar and the reserve currency of the world status it has long enjoyed, the extent to which inflation is contributing to its perhaps imminent displacement and the vital role that could be played in hedging against all of that with transactional gold, or what Kevin calls pirate money. 

We also discussed the debate in which inflation was a topic, and the world saw, as it should have long ago, Joe Biden’s inability to complete a sentence, let alone to be an effective president or candidate for the presidency in the future.

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