Secure Freedom Minute: “Next Man Up” “Next Man Up”


Steve Bannon is a national treasure. Today, he becomes a political prisoner.
My friend and valued colleague has been subjected to a Kafka-esque miscarriage of justice. He is to serve four months in federal prison for a misdemeanor. His ostensible crime was having contempt for the subpoena issued by a congressional committee that wrongfully insisted he violate executive privilege and, it turns out, was illegally constituted.
The real purpose behind Steve’s incarceration over nearly all of the four months before this fall’s election is that he is a powerful leader of the Make America Great Again movement. Silencing him is part of the Democrats’ transparently totalitarian effort to decapitate their political opposition. 
Those undemocratically and unaccountably running Joe Biden – and the country – clearly intend to do the same next week to Donald Trump.
Will they be allowed to get away with it?
This is Frank Gaffney._______
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