With Steven Mosher, David Walsh and Rep. Bob Good

By Tim

STEVEN MOSHER, President, Population Research Institute, Author, “Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to the World,” @StevenWMosher

  • How communism is “weaponized hate”
  • Mao Zedong’s role in China’s one-child policy
  • A “secret” agreement between China and the Vatican
  • Is the Catholic Church under attack in China?

DAVID WALSH, President, The Takota Group

  • A recent announcement by the EPA on car tailpipe emissions
  • Is the EPA trying to eliminate the purchase of gas-powered vehicles?
  • A reduction in demand of electric vehicles
  • Do Americans prefer gas or electric-powered cars?

REP. BOB GOOD, R-VA 5th District

  • What are the two greatest “existential threats” to the U.S. right now?
  • The impact of federal debt on inflation and interest rates for Americans
  • Analyzing the individuals coming across the U.S. southern border
  • How the WHO has proven to be a “tool” of China