Election Fraud

By Tim

Securing America #27.1 – Frank Gaffney – 12.10.20

Frank Gaffney’s monologue on election fraud.


There are few positive things to be said about the national trauma surrounding last month’s presidential election. One of them, though, is that it has given the American people an opportunity to take a Biden-Harris administration out for a test-drive. Over the past month, a made up “Office of the President-elect”  has been stood up. Would-be Cabinet members have been designated. And Democratic partisans in Congress and advocacy organizations have been preening and posturing about what they’ll do after January 20th.

For most Americans, what we have seen is – to put it mildly – not very appetizing. Consider a few examples:

We have seen what used to be called “free and fair elections” will be like going forward. Democrats will do whatever it takes to ensure that only they win them from now on. Look no further than H.R. 1, the first legislative initiative Speaker Nancy Pelosi  tried to jam through the Congress when her party regained the majority in the House of Representatives in 2019. Universal mail-in ballots, barring voter identification and other vote-rigging techniques would effectively reduce us to a one-party state.

Should the Democrats achieve such control, they have promised to make it permanent by using simple majorities in Congress to give their party more seats in the Senate and House and on the Supreme Court. This will allow the likely irreversible and “fundamental” transformation – or, more accurately, mutation – of our constitutional republic.

Information will be controlled by denying free speech that does not conform to the party line. Look at what YouTube has just done to prohibit discussion of election fraud in the 2020 presidential race. The consequences of even trying to exercise that once-unalienable right will, over time, inevitably go beyond demonetizing and deplatforming to financial punishments and “reeducation.”

That will be especially true of those placed on the sorts of “enemies lists” that Marxist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes has promised under a Democrat-controlled government. Those who even supported, let alone worked for, Donald Trump will find it hard to gain employment and otherwise support their families.

As to the Trump family post-presidency, it will be subjected to relentless investigations, persecution and perhaps prosecution. The object will be to diminish the time, energy and resources that Mr. Trump might otherwise bring to bear as a formidable leader of the Democrats’ political opposition.

The restrictions of other liberties, rationalized as a necessary response to the Chinese Communist Party virus – like freedom of religion, will likely be made permanent.

Then there’s the color revolution. As we saw earlier this year, the Marxist Democrats’ enforcers are the violent vanguard of Antifa and the Black Lives Matter organization. They are prepared and willing to be used to engage in violent rioting to seize and occupy territory and to threaten and intimidate, if not actually murder, their opponents. Expect such Democratic Brownshirts to ramp up their revolutionary operations massively, even if Joe Biden is installed, and move into open insurrection if Donald Trump is, instead.

Last but not least, we will see mediocre individuals chosen for senior government jobs on the basis of their physical “diversity” and their ideological homogeneity – notably, their reliable adherence to the sorts of failed policies many of them advanced in previous administrations.

Of particular concern are the foreign affairs and national security portfolios. It will once again be better to be an enemy of the United States than its friend, with the Iranian mullahs, the Chinese Communists and Marxists in our own hemisphere, among others, again catastrophically prospering at our expense.

If these prospects do not appeal to you – and how could they? – I have some good news. Even though the so-called “mainstream” and social media are determined to prevent you from knowing it, the 2020 presidential election is not over. It has entered a new and promising phase:

I believe that Supreme Court will hear the case brought by Texas and 18 other states. That holds out the distinct prospect that the efforts by Democrats candidates and operatives, and their domestic and foreign partners in what has rightly been called history’s greatest fraud will be repudiated and upended. And America may, as a result not only be spared the list of horribles I have just described. It may just prove possible that we will be able to have once again the sort of free and fair elections upon which our constitutional republic critically depends.

This is a subject requiring big prayer and I very much hope you will bring yours to bear and that we will be able to bequeath to our children and childrens’ children the sort of blessed and free nation most of us have long enjoyed and too often taken for granted.

May the takeaway from this grueling trauma be that we will never make the latter mistake again.

Those are my thoughts, let me know yours – and learn how you can help – at our new website, SecuringAmerica.TV. While you’re there, please be sure to sign up for your free copy of a new citizen’s guide to the color revolution the bullies have in mind to get their way, if all else fails. It’s entitled “Are You Safe?” and an invaluable handbook, offering practical information about how you can protect your family and community from the insurrection headed our way.

Next up, we’ll take stock of all this and more with the former Reagan National Security Council Director of International Economic Affairs, Roger Robinson.