Secure Freedom Minute: A Decade Late for Biden’s High-Tech to China E.O.


President Biden signed yesterday an executive order that is supposed to restrict U.S. investment in Chinese artificial intelligence and other high-tech fields relevant to the PRC’s ominous military build-up. Unfortunately, Mr. Biden is trying to close the proverbial barn-door a decade after he personally let the horse out. 

A timely Committee on the Present Danger: China webinar on Tuesday documented that, in 2013, Vice President Joe Biden engineered a sweetheart deal giving Chinese Communist companies privileged access to American capital markets. 

The CCP thereafter garnered an estimated $3 to 6 trillion from mostly unwitting U.S. investors to gain, among other things, decisive technological advantages with profound commercial, as well as national security, implications. 

Biden’s new executive order must now be implemented faithfully – and extended to all other U.S. investments that recklessly enrich, empower and embolden our mortal enemy: the Chinese Communist Party.

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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