Secure Freedom Minute: A Truly Unholy Alliance


Pope Francis and China’s “emperor,” Xi Jinping, seem to share the goals of  “fundamentally transforming” the Roman Catholic Church and propping up the increasingly imperiled Chinese Communist Party. 

This week, the Pope has convened a “synod” in Rome where clerical leaders and, for the first time, women and other “stakeholders” can approve radical doctrinal changes. While the Pope must accept such recommendations, doing so would be consistent with his roots in Marxist liberation theology.

Via a secret Vatican deal with China, Francis has also, at least implicitly, greenlighted Xi’s efforts to morph – if not destroy outright – the Church in China, where Christians are believed to outnumber CCP members and, thus, endanger the regime. 

Those who follow Jesus or otherwise love freedom must join forces to oppose the damage being done by Xi and Francis – both individually and via their unholy alliance. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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