Secure Freedom Minute: AMLO Seeks the CCP Arsonist’s Help in Fighting His Fentanyl ”Fire” 4523


Mexico’s hard-left president Manuel Lopez Obrador has written Chinese Communist dictator Xi Jinping asking for “help” with the burgeoning trafficking of the murderous synthetic opioid known as fentanyl. 

That’s like asking an arsonist to help fight fires he’s setting. 

In fact, Xi’s regime has long actively enabled what amounts to chemical warfare against the United States. These days that’s primarily being done by the Chinese Communist Party allowing the shipment of the drug’s precursor chemicals to be assembled and smuggled across our border in immense quantities by Mexican drug cartels. The Chinese also help lubricate the operation by laundering its windfall profits.

Like the cartels, the CCP is a transnational criminal organization. It must be prosecuted as such – the subject of my new book, The Indictment, not legitimated or otherwise invited to expand its presence in Mexico’s incipient failed state.

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