Secure Freedom Minute: Are You Okay with a Marxist/Fascist Takeover in America?

Secure Freedom Minute

Aspiring authoritarians have long used the capabilities of like-minded corporations to control populations. Could such a Marxist/fascistic partnership take down our Republic?

Big Tech and other businesses in this country have actively suppressed freedom of speech by “canceling” some Americans access to or use of social media platforms – including the then-President, Donald Trump. In fact, this practice helped elect Joe Biden by preventing voters from knowing about his son Hunter’s compromising laptop.

So-called “woke” corporations are establishing – and will soon be enforcing – “vaccine passports” impacting Americans’ freedom of movement, association and other personal conduct in ways the Biden administration favors, but for which it declines to be held responsible. 

Now, CNN reports that the Department of Homeland Security is exploring outsourcing to “outside firms” warrantless – and therefore unconstitutional – surveillance of Americans’ communications inside this country.

Is all this acceptable to you?

This is Frank Gaffney.

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