Secure Freedom Minute: Arms Control Delusions are No Substitute for Peace Through Strength


Last Friday, the U.S. Army finished destroying the last of America’s stockpile of chemical weapons. The Biden administration and other arms control enthusiasts boasted about the success of an international ban called the Chemical Weapons Convention, and disarmament agreements more generally.

What it actually demonstrates is the delusion of believing that – especially wholly unverifiable accords like the chemical weapons treaty – when negotiated with unalterably dishonest regimes, result in anything but the unilateral disarmament of the United States and other law-abiding nations. 

In fact, every one of our enemies still has some amount of chemical weapons stockpiled. And the Chinese Communist Party has actually been murderously attacking us with one called fentanyl every day for years now, killing over 100,000 Americans last year, alone.

We must hold the Chinese Communists accountable. Ditto those who contend that so-called “arms control” enhances our security. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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