Secure Freedom Minute: Bad Day for the CCP, Good Day for Freedom


The past 24 hours have been bad for the Chinese Communist Party, but good for freedom. The CCP’s allies in Iran and Taiwan suffered strategic setbacks, heartening friends of liberty and America. 
The Iranian terrorist regime was rocked by the death in a helicopter crash of its president, Ebrahim Raisi, and others, setting off jubilant celebrations across the country and social media by those he had long repressed. The response underscores the people’s hostility towards tyranny. 
And Taiwan’s democracy swore in a new president, William Lai, committed to resisting intensifying Chinese threats to his nation and to our vital interests in the region.
These developments half-a-world apart offer an opportunity for the  Biden administration to demonstrate that its stands with the freedom-loving people of Iran and Taiwan, not those – both locally and in Beijing – determined to oppress them and threaten us.   
This is Frank Gaffney._______
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