Secure Freedom Minute: Beware ”Biden Bucks”- His CBDC = Controlled Banking Denies Cash


Among the most dangerous of Joe Biden’s many assaults on our freedoms is a so-called Central Bank Digital Currency initiative. The banking crisis spawned by his administration’s disastrous spending and inflation is accelerating its plan to replace cash with government-controlled digital dollars that will enable the feds to control us, too. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warned yesterday that a CBDC enables the Chinese Communist Party’s totalitarian “Social Credit System,” which uses access to money, among other things, to reward and punish individuals’ behavior. He is proposing legislation to keep his state CBDC-free – and, hopefully, provide a model for others across the nation. 

Meanwhile, the Texas legislature is considering an actual alternative to Biden’s “Controlled Banking Denies Cash” – a state-issued, gold-backed “Texas Transactional Gold” digital currency with privacy guarantees and useable via a debit-card like old-fashioned dollars.  

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