Secure Freedom Minute: Biden’s Anti-Military “Wrecking Operation”

Secure Freedom Minute

President Biden just doubled down on the wrecking operation he is conducting against the U.S. military. The cumulative effect of his administration’s sustained assault on our armed forces is as predictable as was his dismantling of our border security policy and programs: It will needlessly endanger this country and the American people.

Under Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the Pentagon has reinstituted critical race theory trainings that vilify all white servicemen and women as racists. Troops suspected of alignment with President Trump, conservative values or other so-called “extremism” are being subjected to investigations and purges. And yesterday, transgender individuals were cleared to serve in uniform and have taxpayers fund their expensive sex-change operations. 

Readiness is being eroded, as is morale. Our enemies will be emboldened as our best warriors stop volunteering to serve in a hollowed-out, politicized and disastrously led military.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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