Secure Freedom Minute: Biden‘s Weakness Invites Enemy Aggression


Joe Biden spent two hours yesterday on a high-stakes phone call with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Unfortunately, such diplomatic heavy lifting – like Biden’s recent, four-hour “virtual summit” with China’s Xi Jinping – constitutes elder-abuse for a man in his declining cognitive condition. Worse yet, it may put our country and its vital interests in significant jeopardy.

After all, thugs like Putin and Xi have gotten where they are, and remained there, by understanding and exploiting their adversaries’ strengths and shortcomings. Even before Biden’s disastrous defeat in Afghanistan, both men had taken his measure – and were underwhelmed, to put it mildly.

There’s a very real risk that both Putin and Xi will calculate that they can exploit Biden’s condition and inadequacies – and the condition to which both have reduced the United States – to chew off additional parts of the Free World with impunity.

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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