Secure Freedom Minute: What Matters is Freedom, Not ”Democracy”


President Biden is convening this week a virtual Summit of Democracies. Of course, what matters is not a nation’s nominal political system, but its commitment to freedom. Adolf Hitler is among the many totalitarians who came to power following an election.

Peru is the most recent example of this phenomenon, yet it’s among Mr. Biden’s invitees. Earlier this year, Communists used a fraudulent election to take power – and move that strategic South American nation inexorably into the ranks of democracy’s enemies. 

Peru will soon host its own, actual summit in the Incan Empire’s capital city of Cusco. Think of the attendees as a new Communist Internationale “with Chinese characteristics.” The attendees will use the occasion to advance the Marxists’ imminent take-over of the Western hemisphere, with considerable help from China, Russia and Iran.

Will truly freedom-loving nations do anything to stop them?

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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