Secure Freedom Minute: China’s Water Cannon’s Are Testing U.S. Resolve


An important American ally is under actual assault by the Chinese Communist Party – and it’s not Taiwan, yet. 

Beijing is using water cannons and Coast Guard vessels to blockade a strategically located atoll called Second Thomas Shoal on which the Philippines has demonstrated its sovereignty by grounding and manning an old U.S. Navy warship. Thanks to a past American failure, push is literally coming to shove.

Barack Obama gave his Vice President, Joe Biden, the job of preventing the Chinese from turning other atolls they had seized into fortified bastions. Biden failed abysmally, but perhaps profitably.

The Chinese now have the ability to enforce their claim to the entire South China Sea. If we don’t help the Filippinos contest it, we will inevitably lose access to their vital bases and further catalyze the CCP’s next, violent assertion of sovereignty over Taiwan.  

This is Frank Gaffney.

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