Secure Freedom Minute: Congress Should Repudiate Obama-Biden’s Anti-Israel Policies, Too!


Yesterday, the House of Representatives felt compelled to affirm America’s support for the State of Israel. It effectively repudiated the rising Democratic anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism before a senior Israeli official’s speech today to a congressional joint session.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration’s policy towards the Jewish State reflects such vile sentiments, too, as evidenced by among other things, the choice of its head of state, not the leader of its government, to address our nation. Team Biden is working with President Isaac Herzog’s leftist allies who seek to overthrow a man they all detest – who happens to be Israel’s democratically elected leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Worse yet, Obama-Biden 3.0 persists in empowering those seeking the destruction of our most important ally in the Middle East. Consequently, Iran and its proxies are becoming more dangerously aggressive by the day.

Please repudiate these policies, too!

This is Frank Gaffney.

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