With Scott Powell, Dr. Mark Richards and Robert Spencer

By Tim

SCOTT POWELL, Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, Former fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution

  • How Barack Obama was influenced by Marxism in his childhood
  • The need to ensure that U.S. military morale is high
  • Cultural Marxism’s influence on the military
  • Is there a type of “class warfare” in the armed forces?

DR. MARK RICHARDS, Author, Nobody Wants You Healthy

  • Dr. Richards’ research into “what makes us chronically ill”
  • What pays American pharmaceutical companies the most?
  • What are phthalates?
  • Potential uses of testosterone in helping prevent long-term disease in men and women

ROBERT SPENCER, Director, Jihad Watch, Weekly columnist, PJ Media and FrontPage Magazine, Author, “Mass Migration in Europe: A Model for the U.S.?,” and “Islamophobia and the Threat to Free Speech,” @jihadwatchRS

  • A “calculated attempt” by the Biden administration to undermine the Netanyahu government
  • What changes to Israel’s government does Netanyahu want to make?
  • Is “willful ignorance” at play in the wake of a recent police shooting in Fargo, ND?