Secure Freedom Minute: Do the Leaks Reveal Biden’s Treasonous Intent?


A young Air National Guard serviceman is under arrest, suspected of leaking dozens of classified documents. They disclose, among other things, serious disarray in America’s alliance relationships and inconvenient truths concerning Biden policies contributing to it.

These revelations come as the principal beneficiary of such disarray and policies, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, is continuing to make inroads seducing erstwhile U.S. allies, extending his inherently dual-use Belt and Road colonial infrastructure build-out and otherwise filling vacuums of power around the world to our detriment.

A chilling webinar yesterday explored the question that can no longer be ignored: Is the damage Team Biden is doing globally to our stature, influence and power not simply exacerbating the threat we face from an emboldened Chinese Communist Party? Is that also the intent behind the administration’s wrecking operation? 

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This is Frank Gaffney. 

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