Secure Freedom Minute: Don’t Buy Hamas’ Satanic Propaganda


Rabbi Pesach Wolicki is a formidable fighter in the information war now being waged aggressively by Sharia-supremacists doing business as the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian franchise, Hamas, the government of Iran and their friends and agents inside the Biden administration. 

The Rabbi observes that the so-called “Gaza Health Ministry” that is endlessly cited as the authoritative source for the number of civilians killed by the Israelis’ operations there is actually just a vehicle for Hamas propaganda.

So, when you hear that twenty thousand Palestinians – one in every 100 Gazans and seventy-five percent of them women and children – have perished at Israel’s hands, Rabbi Wolicki notes the source is not only unreliable. It makes no distinction between non-combatants and Hamas operatives who generally fight, and die, out of uniform – often behind actual civilians used as human shields.

War is hell. And Hamas is satanic.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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