Secure Freedom Minute: Don’t Defile Our Fallen Heroes’ Sacrifice by Surrendering U.S. Sovereignty


This day is dedicated to the memory of those who, in Abraham Lincoln’s immortal words, gave our country “the last full measure of devotion” by forfeiting their lives so that she might survive. 

It is, therefore, a fitting moment to consider whether our fallen heroes would feel betrayed that we think so little of their sacrifice that we’re poised blithely to surrender the sovereignty and freedoms they died to bequeath to us to advance a totalitarian agenda called “global governance.” 

That would be the practical effect of the accords being finalized this week in Geneva by the World Health Organization with the stealthy connivance of the Biden administration. Unless we withdraw from the WHO, an unaccountable Communist international bureaucrat will be empowered to dictate our public health policies governing all humans, animals and plants. 

Congress must expose – and exit – the WHO now.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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