Secure Freedom Minute: Claudia Rosett Wielded the ”Mightier Pen” for Freedom and America


There would never be a good time to say farewell to a magnificent patriot and courageous editorialist, essayist and investigative reporter like my friend, Claudia Rosett. But her loss at this particular moment in the arc of her profession is nothing short of devastating. 

For decades, Claudia epitomized the working journalist who served as our founders intended – namely, as an independent, honest check on the three branches of government, fearlessly speaking truth to power. She did the same with tyrants abroad.

Claudia Rosett was an exemplar of authentic reporting. More to the point, she practiced it the way we desperately require at present. Those who believe that it amounts to nothing more than reprinting official press releases and collaborating in the suppression of dissenting views will have a special place in Hell, as Claudia surely has one in Heaven. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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