Secure Freedom Minute: Eleven Senators Do Their Duty, Reject General Brown


Eleven U.S. Senators demonstrated commendable courage by voting yesterday against the nomination of General C.Q. Brown to become the next Joint Chiefs Chairman. By so doing, they performed their duty to serve as the Quality Control Officers overseeing military promotions and found the man currently serving as the Air Force’s chief operating officer to be unworthy of further elevation.

Such a finding would be partly justified by the hollowing out of that service on Gen. Brown’s watch. It would be further warranted by his vociferous championing of what is, properly understood, a devastating cultural Marxist assault on our armed forces. 

Even though the eleven Senators did not prevail, they have encouraged our real warriors to reject Biden’s politicizing that decries America as systemically racist, imposes toxic quotas and demands the military be preoccupied with social engineering, rather than readiness and deterrence.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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