Secure Freedom Minute: Enough of John Kerry’s Betrayals

Secure Freedom Minute

John Kerry has repeatedly betrayed our country and vital interests. Notably, he did it as a Vietnam veteran who undermined the war effort. As Obama’s Secretary of State, he was so assiduously supportive of the mullahs in the disastrous Iran nuclear deal negotiations that European allies derided him as “the Iranians’ lawyer.”

Now, Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammed Zarif, has disclosed that former U.S. Foreign Secretary John Kerry told him about more than 200 Israeli attacks on Iranian forces in Syria. Kerry denies it, but given his track record, our Israeli friends can be forgiven for viewing his reemergence in a senior position in the Biden-Harris administration with alarm.

That’s especially true given the Biden team’s evident determination to appease Iran. Kerry’s latest betrayal may contribute to the growing prospect of a horrific military conflict to prevent an Iranian Bomb.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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