Secure Freedom Minute:

Secure Freedom Minute

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute.

Today’s the day we remember the millions of veterans who gave what Abraham Lincoln described at Gettysburg as “the last full measure of devotion.” This year especially, we need also to remember what they gave it for.

Generations of American patriots have sacrificed everything, including their lives, to protect the freedoms most of us take for granted. Central to the Constitution that guarantees those liberties is the idea of popularly chosen and accountable government.

If elections can successfully be stolen with impunity, neither such a government nor freedom itself will be possible.

So, it was exhilarating when Lou Dobbs endorsed last night a new initiative I enthusiastically support. It’s aimed at eliciting the American people’s insights into voting fraud in this year’s presidential election and helping them take corrective action in response.

Do your part and check it out at

This is Frank Gaffney.

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