Secure Freedom Minute: Gal Luft is ”David” to Team Biden’s ”Goliath”


One of my longtime friends and valued colleagues is an international energy expert named Gal Luft. These days Dr. Luft might be better known as “David” for he now faces alone the Goliath of a U.S. government determined to crush him to protect President Joe Biden.

My money is on David in this fight. Dr. Luft has thus far foiled efforts by the FBI and Department of Justice to conceal information he gave them in 2019. 

Moreover, Gal Luft released yesterday a video that has gone viral. It describes his first-hand knowledge of payments made by CEFC, a Chinese energy company he advised, to former Vice President Biden and his family. He also recounts the extensive official cover-up of such evidence.

The Bidens have picked a fight with the wrong man. Let us pray for this David’s safety and his ultimate triumph.  

This is Frank Gaffney.

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