With George Rasley, Tyler O’Neil and Dr. Bradley Thayer

By Tim

GEORGE RASLEY, Editor, Conservative HQ, former White House Staff Member, Vice President Dan Quayle, former Assistant Director, National Park Service, former Director of Policy and Communication, Congressman Adam Putnam (FL-12)

  • How Joe Biden has been “compromised” by the Chinese Communist Party
  • Are the enemies of America “on the march”?
  • Who is CQ Brown?
  • How Brown’s nomination is a “policy setting position” for the entire U.S. military

TYLER O’NEIL, Managing Editor, The Daily Signal

  • Ties between the Biden administration and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)
  • New “groups” added to the SPLC’s hate list
  • Have people taken legal action against SPLC?

BRADLEY THAYER, Director of China Policy, Center for Security Policy, Author, How China Sees the World

  • The “imperiled professionalism” of the current U.S. military
  • A “profound change” in the mindset of American military leaders
  • Why Vladimir Putin relies on the support of China