Secure Freedom Minute: Gen. Brown’s Malfeasance Warrants a Court-Martial, Not Promotion


This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute.

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall is suddenly warning that the Chinese Communist Party is preparing for war and his service is not ready for what’s in the offing. He’s launched five separate task forces in an urgent – if not actually desperate – bid to restore our ability to deter such a conflict and, failing that, to prevail in it. 

But first, we need to know who is responsible for this perilous situation? 

Ultimately, that would be the Air Force Chief of Staff, who for three years has been charged with recruiting, training, operating and maintaining the force. His name is General C.Q. Brown. And President Biden wants him to be the military’s next top officer – principally because Brown champions the administration’s Marxist makeover of our armed forces. 

General Brown’s malfeasance warrants a court-martial, not promotion to Joint Chiefs Chairman.                                                                                        

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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