Secure Freedom Minute: Hard Lessons from the Latest Genocide


Horrifying videos taken by Palestinian “journalists” accompanying Saturday’s surprise invasion have documented a genocide perpetrated against the equivalent in a population of Israel’s size of 40,000 Americans. 

Three things are clear: First, there is no negotiating with enemies determined to destroy the Jewish people and their state. Surrendering land like Gaza in the hope of getting peace predictably engenders disaster. 

Second, those responsible for the present war include the mullahs of Iran and U.S. officials who have enriched and emboldened them. The ayatollahs must be punished, too, and their enablers, notably including Robert Malley – Obama-Biden’s longtime and reportedly disloyal Iran envoy – must be held accountable.

Third, Joe Biden has allowed into this country untold numbers of jihadists and others intent on doing to us what has just been done to Israelis. Mitigating that threat immediately must be our national purpose.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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