Secure Freedom Minute: ”High-Tech Lynching” 2.0


If there were anything more to the so-called “Critical Race Theory” than a leftist hustle to divide and subvert America, one might expect its adherents to be characterizing the relentless attacks on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as evidence of “systemic racism” against an “oppressed” black man.

Forty years of mostly white “progressives” vilifying the content of Justice Thomas’ character and his conduct demonstrate, however, that a conservative black public figure – especially a supremely accomplished one – is considered fair game for transparent racism. 

That was true of his first “high-tech lynching” at the hands of then-Senator Joe Biden aimed at keeping him off the Supreme Court. And it is true of the one underway today aimed at driving him from it.

America is a far better country for Clarence Thomas’ service, and we should all strive to be worthy of it.  

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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