Secure Freedom Minute: Hold Accountable Enablers of Putin’s Genocide


Yesterday marked the start of Holy Week in Ukraine. It may be the last on earth for large numbers of Ukrainian civilians Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will try to murder in the days ahead.

Whether that happens could depend in part on us. Putin clearly believes he can use with impunity missiles, aircraft, a new armored offensive and perhaps chemical or even tactical nuclear weapons to reduce virtually every Ukrainian city to the uninhabitable rubble that is what’s left of the southern port of Mariupal.

In addition to robust sanctions, expedited transfers of urgently needed weapons, expressions of solidarity and, of course, prayers in support of Ukraine, American leadership is urgently required to change Putin’s calculation. Start by establishing that nations still doing business with him will be regarded as not just tolerant of his genocide there, but as accomplices to it.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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