Secure Freedom Minute: Hold the Line, Senator Tuberville!


Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville has gone to extraordinary lengths to challenge the Biden administration’s politicizing of the U.S. military. He has placed what is known in the Senate as a “hold” on promotions of hundreds of officers. 

Specifically, “Coach” Tuberville is determined to prevent Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin from unconstitutionally nullifying a statute barring federal funding of abortion. This principled Senator is under intense pressure to release his hold. 

If anything, he should broaden its justification to include other fundamental transformations of our armed forces – including Critical Race Theory indoctrination, transgender accommodations and substituting racial quotas for their tradition of meritocracy. 

At a minimum, Senator Tuberville should block the nomination of General C.Q. Brown to be the nation’s top officer, but who embraces these Marxist priorities and surely will, if confirmed, inflict them relentlessly on our servicemen and women.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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