With George Rasley, Christine Douglass-Williams and Andrei Illarionov

By Tim

GEORGE RASLEY, Editor of Conservative HQ:

  • Issues with the nomination of General C.Q. Brown
  • A decline in the readiness of America’s fighter jet fleet
  • Are some members of U.S. government on the “same side” as China?
  • A recent push for “diversity” within the U.S. armed forces

CHRISTINE DOUGLASS-WILLIAMS, Nine-time international award-winning journalist and television producer, Former federally appointed Director, Canadian Race Relations Foundation, Former Appointee, Office of Religious Freedom in Foreign Affairs, Author, “The Challenge of Modernizing Islam”

  • A recent string of Quran burnings in Denmark
  • The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’s crack down on critics of Islam
  • The need to uphold protection of human rights, not “objects”

ANDREI ILLARIONOV, Senior Analyst for Russian and European Affairs, Center for Security Policy

  • A new Report by CSP on the financial aid given to Ukraine by the United States
  • Is the U.S. providing less aid to Ukraine than they are claiming?
  • Where is money going that is not helping Ukraine?