Secure Freedom Minute: Honor – Not Demean – Our Most Powerful Black American


Remarkably, as Black History Month gets underway, the man who is arguably the most powerful black American, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas – having served with distinction in that role for thirty years – is being aggressively denigrated by the left. Its operatives transparently seek to discredit and otherwise diminish a man for being a principled and impactful conservative.

The present campaign does so by vilifying Justice Thomas’ wife, Ginni, another principled conservative whom I am privileged to call a valued colleague. Leftist partisans in the media and their allies want to negate both Mrs. Thomas’ effective public policy activism and the Justice’s votes by dictating when he must recuse himself from cases before the Court.

Both Clarence and Ginni Thomas have exhibited immense courage, integrity and independent thought over the years. They deserve our nation’s thanks, not the left’s scurrilous attacks.

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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