Secure Freedom Minute: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger ”China Initiative”


FBI Director Christopher Wray sounded an urgent alarm yesterday at the Reagan Library. He warned that Communist China is, well, eating our lunch.

Thanks to the CCP’s systematic espionage, cyberwarfare, intellectual property theft and active subversion, there is, in Director Wray’s words, “No country that presents a broader threat to our ideas, our innovation, and our economic security than China.” It is, in short, our mortal enemy.

Yet, the Biden Justice Department is reportedly giving serious consideration to the demands of “Old Friends of China.” They claim the FBI and DoJ are engaged in xenophobic and racist witchhunts against innocent Chinese nationals and others in Beijing’s so-called “Thousand Talents” recruitment program.

To paraphrase “Jaws”: If anything, we’re gonna need a bigger “China Initiative” to counteract the Biden team’s efforts to “manage” Communist China’s inevitable “rise,” and America’s inexorable and desirable decline.

This is Frank Gaffney.                                                                           

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