Secure Freedom Radio: With Ken Abramowitz and Tom Jipping


KEN ABRAMOWITZ, Co-Founder and Managing General Partner, NGN Capital, Former Managing Director, Carlyle Group, Founder, Save the West

How to color-code today’s conflict: The reds, greens, blues, yellows, whites and more

Abramowitz: “The United States is fighting a ten-front war for its existence”

Abramowitz: Our adversaries are playing offense “one hundred percent of the time”

TOM JIPPING, Senior Legal Fellow, Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, The Heritage Foundation, Former Chief Counsel, U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, @TomJipping

Tom Jipping talks about the recent announcement of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement: This is all happening under the backdrop of a larger philosophical debate, traditionalism vs. politicization

Why did then-Presidential candidate Joe Biden promise to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court?

President Biden has opposed removing the filibuster in the past, why is he changing his opinion now?

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