Secure Freedom Minute: Make the Texas Grid Resilient – and the Rest of America’s, Too!


The weather is awful in much of the country at the moment. In Texas, it is also an ominous reminder of a “perfect storm” that took down that state’s electric grid a year ago, costing many lives and over $100 billion in other damage. Hopefully, such a disaster is not in the offing now.

But there could be a repetition. Despite Governor Greg Abbott’s repeated assurances that the vulnerabilities that gave rise to last year’s crisis have been fixed thanks to state legislation enacted in the intervening period, his grid’s serious shortcomings persist.

Whatever happens with the present mega-storm, Governor Abbot needs to call a special session of the state legislature and task it with actually assuring the Texas grid’s resiliency – both to protect his own constituents and to serve as a model for the rest of our country.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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