Secure Freedom Minute: Introducing – and Prosecuting – ”The Indictment”


The Chinese Communist Party is the United States’ mortal enemy. It explicitly seeks America’s destruction and has long pursued that goal using devastating, albeit pre-violent, “unrestricted warfare” techniques, with help from their “friends” among American “captured elites.”

Now, the Chinese Communists appear poised to start a shooting war against Taiwan and almost certainly U.S. assets, personnel and territory, as well. 

Too many Americans are still unaware of these realities and what we must do to secure our country against them. I am pleased to announce the publication today of my new book aimed at correcting that perilous situation. 

It’s entitled The Indictment and a playbook for “prosecuting” the CCP & Friends for their crimes against America, China and the world. 

Get The Indictment wherever books are sold to learn how we can punish that Transnational Criminal Organization and secure freedom. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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