With Bill Walton, Rev. Robert A. Sirico and Dr. Stephen Bryen

By Tim

BILL WALTON, Host, The Bill Walton Show

  • A new book explaining the real threat presented by China
  • How Walton’s attitude on China has changed over the past 10 years
  • What is China’s “real agenda” with respect to the financial world?
  • How the once “welcoming climate” of investing in China has all but disappeared

REV. ROBERT A. SIRICO, President and Co-founder, The Action Institute

  • Who is Jimmy Lai?
  • How Jimmy has turned into a freedom fighter for the people of China
  • How TikTok tried to block videos of Jimmy Lai from being posted

STEPHEN BRYEN, Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy

  • The new importance of drones in warfare around the world
  • An update on the Ukraine-Russia war
  • Why is the Air Force determined to get rid of the A-10 from its arsenal?